Building Up Communities and Educating The Future

ReConstruct3 is dedicated in building up less fortunate communities by building high-quality and affordable housing for communities in need. We are also dedicated to educating, hands on training, and job placement for individuals and under privileged communities. Creating jobs and homes to provide hope and a bright future

    Our non-profit strives to improve job stability and housing each home and one individual in turn. We perceive that change doesn’t occur without any forethought and it takes more than one organization following up on its own to get incredible things done. Our vision is to be an essential power in putting an end to homelessness. Reconstruct3 aims to construct new lives for families and people encountering homelessness through community outreach.

    The board of ReConstruct3 has experienced members in construction and real estate. With this experience, we have discovered that two of the essential reasons behind homelessness are unavailability of the affordable housing and lack of jobs.
    At ReConstruct3, we believe that businesses have the power to significantly improve the world we live in. Our team has a strong desire to put our skills and expertise to work serving economically disadvantaged communities.
    This desire to serve led us to create the non-profit ReConstruct3. The mission of our non-profit is to provide low-income earners with affordable, high-quality housing and to improve the employability of those in underserved communities.

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    Our Company is dedicated to improving communities, home by home. Everyone should be able to have a home that they are proud of, we hope we can get your support by volunteering, sponsoring, or donating to help with this as well. More Info. 

    At ReConstruct3, we comprehend the significant effect that the lack of good and secure housing can have on a community. Blighted homes in a neighborhood are often part of a downward spiral that can lead to poverty and crime. By building new homes and offering them at an affordable cost to people, the descending winding begins to turn around – individuals become more invested in the success of their neighborhood, property values go up, and more businesses and homeowners are drawn to the area.

    It’s our pleasure to add to that inversion and carry desire and bring hope to underserved communities. If that you would prefer to learn about our non-benefit, we welcome you to get in touch with us!

      ReConstruct3 is dedicated to making the communities betters, home by home. We aim to provide underprivileged people with affordable housing and improve their lives. Each individual has worth and human respect and merits the fundamental provision of shelter as a need of life. We have a moral and civil obligation to provide the solution to the homelessness issues in the country by connecting every individual’s talent and resources.